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Nickel City Mustang Round Up MCA National Show Cancelled

Hello Fellow Mustang Family!!!

First and foremost, we want to wish all of you and your loved ones health and wellness in this unprecedented time our country is facing.

With the uncertainty that is surrounding our country in regards to this pandemic, we know many are in a position where either they don’t feel safe or are facing impacts to their income.

Taking all of this into consideration along with the location of our show at the University of Buffalo, a New York State run facility, we unfortunately will be cancelling the MCA National being held here in Buffalo July 30th – August 2nd.

As a club, this was the hardest and most discussed decision that we had to make.  Both the economical impact and health impact were just to great to ensure that the show would go on with all the uncertainty.

We are currently working with the MCA, the show location, local hotels, our pledged sponsors and charity for a rescheduled date to be determined.  We have every intention of having the show and will provide updates as we know more and can commit to a new date.

We will begin processing refunds as soon as possible and ask for your patience in receiving your refunds.  We anticipate all refunds to be processed within the next 30-60 days.  Please read the below for specific details surrounding the method of refunds.

  • PayPal payments that were transacted more than 6 months ago (10/11/2019 and prior) will be refunded via check through the postal mail.  We are unable to process the refund via PayPal due to restrictions and additional fees that we cannot afford to incur.
  • Any PayPal payments made within the last 6 months (between 10/12/2019 and 4/12/2020) you will receive your refund via PayPal within the next 30-60 days.
  • Any check payments that have been cashed we will be mailing a check for your refund (please be patient for timing of writing checks and mailing them).
  • If you sent a check and it hasn’t been cashed yet, we will not be cashing the check and we will contact you directly for information on how you want us to handle the check.

We ask for your patience and understanding on the processing of all refunds and we will do our best to get everyone their money as timely as possible.

If you reserved a room at any of the host hotels, we ask that you contact them directly with your reservation number to cancel your room(s).

We wish everyone health and safety and cannot wait to get back to the new “normal” soon with our family and friends near and far!  

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to address them as soon as possible.  All questions related to refunds can be directed to Heather Kopp, contact information below.

Heather Kopp

Secretary / 2020 National Show Registrar