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Benefits of Membership

Why you should join The Mustang Club of America
  • The Mustang Club of America is the largest organization of Mustang enthusiasts in the World. The camaraderie of fellow MCA members is legendary. Wherever you travel you will find MCA members that are willing to help with assistance, advice and/or comradeship.
  • The MCA Board of Directors has adopted a Commitment Statement of support for all members of the club regardless of the Mustang they own or the level of involvement in the hobby.
  • All Members receive free classified non-business advertisements in Mustang Times, and on the MCA website.
  • The Mustang Club of America has a Members-Only section on this web site with club news and features. The website also contains club information and a comprehensive listing of Mustang events throughout the world.
  • All Members receive two (2) Mustang Club of America windshield decals.
  • Digital and Standard Members receive members-only discounts, including Ford X-Plan (U.S. Members) pricing on new Ford vehicles. X-Plan pricing is not available on all models.  Check with your preferred dealer for X-Plan discounts. You must be a member of MCA for a minimum of 90 days before you can use X-Plan.
  • Judging and Show rules are are available for download for those interested in judging, showing and/or restoring Mustangs.
  • All Members have access to Gold Card Judges for restoration information and advice. Members can become certified MCA Mustang judges.
  • MCA continues to exert a positive influence on the Mustang automobile and its popularity. This influence helps retain the interest and value of all years and models of Mustangs.
  • There are MCA Regional Clubs located throughout the United States. There are also several International Affiliates.
  • The Mustang Times, the official club publication is published monthly. This colorful magazine features National and Regional club news, a listing of Mustang shows and activities, feature articles on Mustangs of all years, and technical articles and columns. Members may submit photos and articles for possible publication as cover or feature cars. Full members receive hardcopy delivery of the magazine, as well as digital access on the website. Digital members access the magazine via the website.
  • Full and Digital MCA members elect the national board of directors and may run for the board or other MCA office.
  • Standard Bidder Registration to Mecum Auto Auctions discounted to $100. Click here for more information to register and receive your pass and guest pass.

On this web site, all MCA Members can:

  • Post in members-only forums including Mustangs by Model year, Mustang Racing, and more.
  • Upload Mustang Show photos to the MCA Photo Gallery.
  • Post Classified Ads and Auctions
  • Access MCA Members-Only News and Forums

Associate Membership is the lowest priced level of MCA membership. Associate members have access to MCA vendor benefits and have member access to the MCA website. Associate members may enter MCA National and Grand National Shows. Associate members do not have access to the digital or hardcopy issues of the Mustang Times. Associate members may not vote or hold MCA Regional or National Office. The price of an Associate Membership is the same for all members, regardless of where they live in the world.

Digital Members have all the benefits of the Standard Membership EXCEPT, instead of a hard-copy mailed subscription to the Mustang Times, Digital Members access the Mustang Times Digital Edition via a website link. The price of a Digital Membership is the same for all members, regardless of where they live in the world.

Standard Membership has all the benefits of Digital MCA membership, but with the added benefit that standard members also receive a Mustang Times magazine subscription via mail. The price of a Standard Membership is higher for members living outside the United States due to the added postage cost of mailing the Mustang Times magazine to addresses outside the United States.

MCA Membership Number & Card
MCA Member Benefits (X-Plan, U.S. Members)
Can Enter MCA Shows
MCA Website Access
Can Vote in MCA Elections  
Can Run for MCA National/Regional Office  
Digital Mustang Times Access  
Mustang Times Subscription    
Standard Bidder Registration to Mecum Auctions $100
1 Year $25 $35 $50
($80 Non-US)
2 Years $50 $70 $95
($155 Non-US)
3 Years $75 $105 $140
($230 Non-US)
5 Years $100 $140 $200
($350 Non-US)

Are you ready?  Join Now!

PayPal – Please note that you do not have to use a PayPal account when renewing your membership online. If you will select the check out with PayPal button to submit your payment information, you will notice the option on the next screen to use your credit card information as a guest checkout! You can check out with your credit card without having to use a PayPal account!!!

You can join MCA via mail by printing the hardcopy Membership Application HERE