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Shelby American is a Corporate Sponsor of the MCA!

Shelby American, a division of Carroll Shelby International, Inc. (CSBI.PK), is the premier independent performance car company in the United States. Committed to delivering cars and products that provide an unparalleled driving experience, the company has been at the forefront of automotive innovation since it was established in 1962. Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products through dealers and partners worldwide.


The company was founded by Carroll Shelby, one of America's greatest race car drivers. He dominated sports car racing success in the mid-1950s, twice being named Sports Illustrated's "Driver of the Year." His crowning achievement as a driver came in 1959, when he won the 24 Hours of LeMans.

Shelby Performance Parts offers a full complement of parts developed through key partners and their own R&D program for vehicles including the Ford Mustang, Shelby GT350, and Shelby GT500.

The Shelby American Factory in Las Vegas offers Mustang and Shelby owners the opportunity to have their cars upgraded and customized by Shelby professionals. Owners can arrange for their car to be drop shipped by the Shelby Las Vegas facility for conversion or a customer can arrange to have a properly specified car transported to the factory.

For those with vehicles far from Las Vegas, Shelby has established a series of mod shops. Staffed with trained Shelby technicians using specially engineered and Shelby approved parts, these locations give enthusiasts the ultimate factory makeover with unrivaled parts and performance options from Shelby-authorized professionals. These locations, as well as ones internationally give customers the opportunity to have a Shelby package installed on their car and purchase genuine Shelby Performance Parts locally.

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Ford is a Corporate Sponsor of the MCA!

Ford has a Vehicle for Every Lifestyle.

See our full lineup of vehicles and find the one that best fits you.

Ford Mustang owners enjoy the pony car’s aggressive styling, refined chassis, and range of powerful engines including the 3.7-liter V6, 2.3-liter EcoBoost® and 5.0-liter V8. New options and standard equipment added for this year make it even better.

MCA Members enjoy Ford X-Plan savings on most Ford Vehicles!

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Heacock Classic Insurance is the Official Insurance Provider of the MCA!

Heacock Classic Insurance, founded in 1989, now offers Collector Vehicle Insurance across the country in 48 states. Heacock Classic Insurance is now recognized nationally as a leader in the Collector Vehicle Insurance business.


Our agents understand that a Collector Vehicle is very different from your daily use vehicle, and the coverage for the Collector Vehicle should be just and unique. We are dedicated to offering you a personally tailored policy to protect your investment and provide you with peace of mind. Give us a call so we can take care of your prized possessions.

MCA Members in most states receive a discount on their premium from Heacock Classic Insurance.

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Mecum Auctions is a Corporate Sponsor of the MCA!

Nobody sells more than Mecum!

The Mecum Auction Company is the world leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and Road Art sales, hosting auctions throughout the United States. The company has been specializing in the sale of collector cars for 31 years, now offering more than 20,000 lots per year and averaging more than one auction each month. "We've come a long way from our first official auction at the Rockford Airport in 1988," notes President Dana Mecum.

"We're really a family business that grew up and got big. Our goal has always been to give Mecum Auction attendees an amazing experience and unite them with an incredible car they will enjoy." What started in 1988 with little more than a few helpers around the family dining room table has grown to more than 200-strong when on-site at an event today. The company maintains its close-knit family atmosphere with many team members who have been onboard since Mecum's inception; even Dana's wife Patti and their four sons all play integral roles in the business. Mecum Auctions is now headquartered in Walworth, Wisconsin, and since 2011 has been ranked No. 1 in the world with number of collector cars offered at auction, No. 1 in the world with number of collector cars sold at auction, No. 1 in the U.S. with number of auction venues, No. 1 in the U.S. in total dollar volume of sales, and is host to the world's largest collector car auction held annually in Kissimmee, Florida.

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Roush Performance is a Corporate Sponsor of the MCA!

The vehicles and components produced by ROUSH Performance are imprinted with Jack Roush's vision, passion for performance, and commitment to excellence.


He personally approves the design, engineering, fit, finish and overall performance of each package, ensuring that his personal standards are met prior to production and product release. Many of these products are designed by the same engineering group that has helped Roush Racing become the winning-est Ford racing team in history.

As technology and design continue to evolve, so does the ROUSH Performance line of vehicles, parts and crate engine offerings. ROUSH Performance Products is committed to leveraging the latest in automotive and motorsports technologies to continually provide our customers the ultimate driving experience - the perfect combination of race car and road car.

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